Palliser Full Warranty Information

In addition to Palliser's Basic Warranty outlined below
Town & Country Leather highly recommends
The Guardsman Leather Protection Plan


Warranty is non-transferable and takes effect as of January 1, 2011

Pro-Rated Warranties

Pro-rated warranties reference the cost of parts covered by Palliser in the event of a claim. On a five (5) year pro-rated warranty, Palliser will cover 100% of the cost of parts and labor in year one (1). Palliser will cover 80% of the cost of parts only in year two (2), 60% of the cost of parts only in year three (3), 40% of the cost of parts onlyin year four (4) and 20% of the cost of parts only in year five (5). In each case, with the exception of the first year, the original retail consumer will be responsible to pay the balance of the cost of parts.

Making a Claim

To make a warranty claim or to inquire about concerns with your Palliser product, please contact the authorized Palliser retailer from where the original purchase was made. When making a claim under this warranty, proof of purchase with the original bill of sale and the product serial number are required. Should these not be available, Palliser reserves the right to deny claim. Palliser reserves the right to request photo verification and/or the return of defective parts to its factory.


Cover Material

The Palliser warranty does not cover any damages due to improper use, excessive soiling, improper or unapproved cleaning methods (see Product Care for details), chemical treatments, exposure to direct sunlight or color fading. These instances will void the warranty.

LEATHER - A five (5) year pro-rated warranty on parts. The Palliser warranty covers against seam slippage, tearing, splitting, cracking and dye transfers from the product. Leather is a natural material and, as such, each hide reflects its own characteristics. On average, four to five hides are used on most Palliser sofas. Shading variations, nicks, scratches and wrinkles are a characteristic of leather and are not considered defects.

FRAMES & SPRINGS - A lifetime warranty on parts. Wood frames and springs carry a lifetime warranty against breakage. Springs are covered for breakage due to metal fatigue or pulling loose from wood frames. Metal frames are warranted against breakage for a period of two (2) years under normal household use. The term lifetime as it is used in this warranty is defined as twenty-five (25) years.

MOTION RECLINING MECHANISMS - A Limited lifetime warranty on parts. Reclining mechanisms are warranted against material and manufacturing defects. Warranty is limited to suppliers' availability of parts.

RECLINING CHAIRS, SOFABED MECHANISMS AND SOFABED MATTRESSES - A two (2) year warranty on parts. Reclining chairs, sofabed mechanisms and sofabed mattresses are warranted against material and manufacturing defects.

SEAT CUSHION FOAM & FIBRE-FILLED COMPONENTS - A five (5) year pro-rated warranty on parts. Seat cushions are warranted against collapsing. All cushions will soften with use and will conform to the shape of the user. This softening is considered normal wear and is in no way considered a manufacturer's defect. Fibre-filled seat cushion tops, backs and arms will fl atten with prolonged use. This is inherent to the design of fibre-filled and fibre-wrapped products. Regular fluffing will prevent internal fibres from matting and help to prolong the vibrancy of these products.

ELECTRIC COMPONENTS - A two (2) year warranty on parts. Electronics are warranted for material and manufacturing defects.


Palliser offers a one (1) year warranty for labor and workmanship applying to all upholstered sofas, loveseats, chairs, ottomans, sectionals and sofabeds manufactured by Palliser. Palliser products are warranted to the original retail consumer, to be free from manufacturing and parts defects. The warranty takes effect from the date of delivery to the original retail consumer.

Within one (1) year from the date of delivery, Palliser will pay, at no charge to the original retail consumer, customary labor rates to repair or replace the defective parts. Under this warranty, the sole liability of Palliser is limited to repair, or at its option, parts replacement. Should there be service required under the warranty then the initial service inspection will be covered by Palliser. For clarity, should inspection deem that no repair necessary then initial service fee will be payable by end consumer to the third party. After one (1) year, the original retail consumer will be responsible for all costs related to labor. (See Previous Parts Warranty for details.) The term defect as it is used in this warranty is defined as a flaw or deficiency that affects the intended use for which the product was manufactured. The Palliser warranty provides coverage to the original retail consumer only where the purchase has been made from an authorized retailer of Palliser Furniture Ltd. and therefore is non-transferable to any second or third party. The special Palliser identity tags found on your product are your guarantee of the quality and authenticity of your Palliser product. Removal or attempted removal of such tags will void this warranty.


Leather Care Clean leather often, as frequent and gentle cleaning is easier on leather than less frequent, more aggressive cleaning. Cleaning will remove built-up dirt, skin oils and perspiration.
  1. Protected (Pigmented) and Semi-aniline Leathers: Clean with a mild soap and water solution. Use a mild soap with a neutral pH. Rinse with a clean, damp cloth to remove any soap residue. Do not use a soap product that is harsh on your skin, as it will be harsh on the leather. Always test the soap solution in an unseen area on the sofa to ensure that the solution does not damage the leather (no leather color transfer on to your cloth).
  2. Natural (Aniline) Leathers: Clean with only a slightly damp cloth. Do not use any type of soap on natural (aniline) leather.
  1. Do not move furniture in your home without carefully wrapping the furniture, including corners and feet or the bottom of the furniture, with a protective covering. This will help avoid damage to floors and/or wall surfaces, as well as help to prevent damage to the furniture itself.
  2. Do not move furniture on bare hardwood floors. At all times, place the furniture on a protective area rug or protective hardwood felt pads. This will protect your hardwood floors from potential scratches.
  3. Do not expose leather or fabric to ink, bleach, oily substances, fluids, body oils, strong detergents (including laundry detergent), chemicals, and sharp objects as these may cause potential damage.
  4. Do not expose leather or fabric to sun or extreme light sources as this will cause fading and potential damage.
  5. Do not remove your seat cushion covers for dry cleaning or separate washing.


  1. Use extreme caution when operating the moving mechanisms and electronic components making sure limbs and other obstructions are clear of leg rests and other moving parts before operating.
  2. Do not leave reclining seats in the reclining position when not in use.
  3. Do not allow children to play on mechanized furniture or to operate mechanisms.
  4. Do not stand on chairs, and do not sit on ottomans.
  5. Do not sit on product arms.
  6. For further information, refer to product instruction sheets and warnings, where applicable.
  7. Failure to follow these directions could result in injury and/or damage.

This warranty does not cover the following: Rental, business, commercial, institutional or other non-residential uses. Products purchased AS IS or second-hand. Products purchased from distressed or liquidation sales. Products deemed misused, mishandled, altered, abused. Any condition resulting from unusual usage. Inadequate maintenance, cleaning or care.

If you have questions, contact your authorized Palliser retailer or contact us at