Guardsman Leather Protection Plan

We want you to happy with the product we ship/deliver to your home.That's why we offer the nationwide Guardsman Leather Protection Plan below:

Furniture Repair Services Beyond Expectation

An important part of our business structure is offering this plan by Guardsman Furniture Pro. They are a North American franchise organization that specializes in on-site repair and refinishing of residential and commercial furniture. Our Guardsman Furniture Professionals are trained exclusively by Guardsman's furniture care and repair experts and can repair most types of common damages.

Guardsman Leather Protection Plan Pricing:

Single Sofa $99
Sofa Group $169
Sectional $169

Our In-Home Repair Service Technicians are a network of trained repair professionals that can service almost every need of your new leather sofa. Here are just a few of many problems a Guardsman Furniture Pro is trained to service:
  • Juice or Wine Spills
  • Ink, Crayon or Marker Stains
  • Food Stains
  • Butter, Grease or Oil Stains
  • Cigarette Burns
  • Cuts, Tears or Rips
With an investment such as leather furniture, you should expect to enjoy it for a lifetime. So if a mishap occurs, and you have a Guardsman Plan, call them within 5 days of the mishap and your worries are over!

Requesting Service

In order to initiate a Request for Service on your Guardsman Furniture Protection Plan, follow the link below to have a Service Request Form emailed to you. Please note you will need the following information ready before you can proceed:

In order to log in, Guardsman requires the information that you provided to the Furniture Retailer at the time of purchase:
* Last Name
* Phone Number
* Zip Code

Once you are logged in, you will be asked to verify the following information:
* Retailer Name
* Sale or Delivery Date of Furniture
* Type of Protection Plan Purchased

Next you will need to provide a valid email address so the Service Request Form and your unique Service Request Number can be emailed to you. Once you receive the form, print it, and answer all of the questions completely. Follow the directions on the Service Request Form to submit the information to Guardsman making sure you include all supporting documentation requested before mailing.

Have all the necessary information?

Click here to log into Guardsman and get started

Checking on the Status of Your Request

If you'd like to get an update on your request, you'll need to have the following information available:
*Service Request ID
*Zip Code.

Ready to proceed?

Click here to get your update